Word Board: Burnout

Burnout, we bid thee farewell.

In a poll by working humans for working humans, burnout was declared the most infamous phrase of the year. (Not really, but are we wrong for saying so?)

Actually, I’m willing to bet that burnout, work stress, compassion fatigue, and anxiety are just a few of the most common words…

Ah, the ‘ole cover-our-ass yearly engagement survey.

Since its inception, the annual engagement survey has been the “we care about you Hail Mary” of every Fortune 500 dinosaur since the dawn of freaking industrial time.

The sad thing is, they get away with it — claiming how in-tune it makes…

Almost 2,000 years ago, Ptolemy, one of history’s greatest mathematicians, thought he had the universe thing pretty much figured out.

He determined that the earth was at the center of it all, and I’m sure he felt pretty damn good about himself.

People praised him for his superior intellect, wisdom…

We’ve all been there when a major no-no happens at work — or when they keep happening at work (and keep happening…).

(Play this as you read.)

Yeah, whoopsies is right.

Note: The following events are based on true stories. …

LEON is looking for providers with top marks to compliment its ridiculously sexy predictive algorithms and people-first kind of vibes. You in?

Hey there,

You must have heard — LEON is building humankind’s healthiest and happiest generation of employees with the planet’s first ever, AI- powered employee performance platform.

Lucky for you…

Have you ever talked with someone and the conversation just seemed to hit differently? Hell, you might even feel this way about a podcast you listen to — I know I do.

Next level sh*t — 365 days a year

The essence of story:

Whatever this “phenomena” is (I don’t have a name for…

How the most unlikely of circumstances gave life to the mental health revolution of 2020.

How we prevailed:

This last year, we not only faced off against COVID-19, but we redoubled our efforts to take on its rotten cousin — the silent pandemic. Taking on not one, but two devastating plagues.


That’s right, you guessed it. Employee burnout no longer operates in a silo. And it is no longer the sole product of our jobs (as convenient as that would would be).

Burnout is the result of a complex system of issues and it requires a complex, holistic approach to solve…

Why wellness as a last resort is the reason no one thinks it works. How you can help put your people in control of their own well-being and happiness with LEON.

What you ought to know

Over the last couple weeks, I took it upon myself to ask a few people about their employee…

How you can master the art of agility and flexibility in a modern workplace.

You could be this fast, too.

Ode to the young professional

You’re young (maybe you’re… more experienced). You’re working at one of the coolest, hippest, most innovative and inspiring companies out there.

You worked hard to get here, you “hustled.” …

Braedon Leslie

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